Gateway Vista: Wellness Programs

Mind, Body & Spirit at their Best

The evidence is irrefutable: healthy aging begins with a proactive pursuit of wellness. What is wellness exactly? Is it exercise? That’s one component of it, for sure. However, wellness encompasses more than just staying in good physical shape. The way people age and the way they feel as they grow older has as much to do with the mind and spirit as it does with the body.

Customized Senior Wellness Programs

Designed especially for adults aged 55 and older, the Gateway Vista wellness program can help older adults retain their way of life—including independence—for as long as possible. That includes keeping you in good shape for specific activities important to you, within your ability, whether it’s playing an occasional game of golf or simply walking down the hall to share a meal with friends.

We have all kinds of equipment and services to support your commitment to wellness, including:

  • Senior-friendly strength training equipment
  • Personal training, with one-on-one support to establish the ideal exercise program for you
  • Educational events and classes
  • Senior-focused wellness services, from health screenings to formal rehabilitation
  • Computer lab to aid personal research, communication and fun
  • Subscription to our newsletter, which features interesting wellness articles
  • Access to all of our wellness activities
  • VIP invitations to all campus events

At Gateway Vista, it’s easy to make wellness a daily habit. You might even find yourself having fun while you bolster your health and happiness through the ways of wellness.