Gateway Vista: State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation

Restoring Health, Regaining Confidence

No matter how diligent you are about caring for yourself, aging brings an increased risk of illness and injury, from arthritis and muscle weakness to serious surgeries and chronic diseases. Even small medical mishaps or simple problems related to the realities of aging can get you down and keep you from doing the things you love.

At Gateway Vista in Lincoln, Nebraska, we know your goal is to get better as soon as possible. We’ve designed a suite of senior-friendly, comprehensive rehabilitation services based on our decades of experience incorporating the latest technological advances in treatment.

Comprehensive, Customized Senior Rehabilitation Programs

Gateway Vista provides a full complement of physical, occupational and speech therapy services that can be customize to fit your needs. With help from your doctors, our interdisciplinary team of experienced, caring professionals will carefully evaluate your condition, then organize a program of therapy specially designed just for you, whether you need a short-term rehab stay or out-patient therapy.

Senior-Focused Rehabilitation Equipment 
and Rehabilitation Services

Just like any other older adult, your body requires special considerations as you recover from illness or injury. Our state-of-the-art, senior-friendly rehabilitation equipment and senior rehabilitation services were chosen to enhance your ability to recover. Our areas of specialty include:

    • Pre and post-surgical therapy & strengthening
    • Communication adaptation
    • Swallowing modifications
    • Fall management and balance training
    • Splinting and orthotic devices
    • Self-Care Retraining
    • Therapeutic Exercises & Strengthening
    • Holistic Wellness

Trust your friends on Gateway Vista’s rehabilitation team to support and encourage your journey to better health.

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